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Service for Your Business

At BUYACASHREGISTER -we sell and service cash registers and related.    We choose our products carefully.

We try hard to give you a good total value.

Cash registers today have computer engines,you may be surprised as to what they can do compared to complicated, delicate, computer based systems, loaded with totals you may not really want. Our touch screen restaurant registers are solid in reliability and operation. They are easy to program and operate. At the end of the day and/or week they can give detailed reports of financial information, They also give server reports,product reports, time reports, group reports and reports for every item sold. Any or all of these reports at the push of one button. They can report to a computer, if YOU choose.

We will come to your location or you can come to us, we have a large store with parking.

Custom Programming:
All of the cash registers and restaurant systems we sell come with custom programming, installation and training, as you want.

Repair Services:
We offer both on-site and carry-in repairs.  We have service for emergencies and regular maintenance