Why a cash register?


A cash register is a complete unit. The computer engine, the display unit(s), the printer

the cash drawer.

You have control of sales information, right in your store.

You share the sales information, as you wish. Every one of your sales is not constantly

sent to "the clouds". All of your sales reports are not sent to the clouds, if you choose

or not. Your business is your business.

The credit cards can be integrated into the system with limited sales information transfer. You can do credit cards separately by any processor of your choice.

You are not locked into a credit card processor that prevents you from changing credit card processors, because they hold/own your program information.

All of the cash register programs are yours, in your store.

You buy, you own. No yearly or monthly fees, no licenses. It can be resold to others, or

reprogrammed for other uses, for you.

A cash register can scan barcode items, have an attached scale, print selective items

to a remote printer.

Very comprehensive reports can be taken from a cash register. When totals are cleared from a cash register, they are cleared.

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